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Hard Hat Award  - Eastern Express
L-R   Kris MacPhee , owner of Synergy Fitness and Nutrition, Riley MacDougall


Hard Hat Award - Central Attack
R-L  Kris MacPhee , owner of Synergy Fitness and Nutrition, Noah Griffin

Hard Hat Award - Mid-Isle Matrix
L-R Marc Richard, Sandra Jamieson ,Bantam AAA Coordinator 


Hard Hat Award - Prince County Warriors
L-R Sandra Jamieson ,Bantam AAA Coordinator,  Alex Hutchinson


Most Improved Player
Carter Champion  - Eastern Express 


Most Sportsmanlike Player
Landon Clow  - Mid Isle Matrix

Rookie of the Year
Conor Keough, Prince County Warriors

Top Forward
Dixon MacLeod, Mid Isle Matrix

Top Defenceman
Cole Larkin -  Eastern Express

Top Goaltender and the Jeffery F White Award 
Chad Arsenault - Prince County Warriors

Most Valuable Player 
Isaac Wilson - Eastern Express

Top G